Saturn Return

By Mark Levine
10 Digit ISBN: 0977759709
13 Digit ISBN: 978-0-977759-70-5
Price: $15.95
Trim: 8.5 x 5.3 x 0.9 inches
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 356
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If you've ever wondered where your life was going, who you really are, and if that soul mate you've been waiting for is ever going to show up, chances are you've experienced your own Saturn Return. Don't believe in that "stuff"? Either did Adam Winter until fate intervenes in his rut of a life (stuck in a career he hates; waking up with all the wrong women) in the form of an email from his first love, Zoë, anxious to rekindle their teenage romance. Even though he hasn't seen her in 15 years, he knows this is the one. Adam's life starts to fall apart when he discovers that Zoë may not have sent the email. To make matters worse, Adam's life really begins unraveling on the same day he learns that Zoe will not be returning to his life.or so he thinks. That night, an 80 year old organ player at a 50's style lounge changes his life forever. Like Adam, Jen Savin's life, while professionally brilliant, is personally a disaster. Jen's consumed by her career in academia, has never experienced real love and wonders whether she'll end up being the weird old lady with a yard full of cats. Adam and Jen embark on similar yet separate journeys of self-discovery. Whether or not their paths cross or are meant to cross is left to fate. Is life just a series of random moments that somehow seem connected or do certain people come into our lives and things happen to us for a reason?


Mark Levine is the CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, which he founded in 2006. Prior to founding Hillcrest, Mark was the founder and CEO of the online business filing company Click Industries, Ltd. Mark’s unique experience as both a published author himself and an executive in self-publishing gives him exceptional insight into what authors want and need, which translates directly into how he runs his author-centric publishing company. When he is not writing or working, Mark enjoys running, cooking, sushi, and investing in domain names. Learn more about Hillcrest at