The Very Secret Weapon

By Tillman Gilson, Wendy S. Pangburn, Photographer. Cover comment by Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan
10 Digit ISBN: 1-935098-01-2
13 Digit ISBN: 978-1-935098-01-0
LCCN: 2008936322
Price: $13.95
Trim: 8.4 X 5.5
Format (pb/hc): Paperback
Pages: 235
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Alex is as knowledgeable about Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Hermes, and Christian Dior as she is about Glock and Sig Sauer. Come along on a breathtaking race through a world of glamour and danger with a truly new kind of covert agent. She is a woman who not only loves her work but also has fully enjoyed a relationship free life until she meets a virile, mercenary who adds a great deal to her sex life and ropes her into love.  

''...This one's going to be trouble...'' 

Alex had this first impression when she met Simon Hewitt. As one of her country's very secret weapons, Alex has survived many difficult situations, often exercising her ''terminal abilities'' to eliminate threats to national security. She does it all while maintaining her facade of a chic Washington widow whose prime concerns seem to be shopping and socializing.

But this was one of a very few times when a man has threatened her life of romantic freedom and independence. While jetting around the world to be with this new lover, Alex finds herself up against the Russian Mafia, high priced assassins, and Arab terrorists.

Author Tillman Gilson takes the reader on a high speed chase through the world of spies, killers, high fashion, and gourmet food and drink. While using both underworld and legitimate contacts in London, Paris, Moscow, Washington, Rome and other glamorous locales throughout the world, Alex Garfield races to stop a hit on her new lover while plotting to eliminate one of the most dangerous hired killers in the world.  This is a great spy book with a female James Bond as its star.



Tillman Gilson is an internationally renowned specialist on the Middle East and democratic development. A thought-leader, speaker, and writer on these issues, and a business leader assisting American and international firms as they develop strategic alliances, Tillman has now taken the knowledge and experience from the field, love of travel, and life as a Washingtonian and turned it into a “Jane Bond” espionage novel.

Tillman began life as a Marine child, traveling around the world and being exposed to many cultures – and to James Bond films at various military bases. While at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, Tillman became an intern in the White House and after graduation from the School of Foreign Service, was recruited into the CIA in the Directorate of Operations. From there Tillman went on to live in the Middle East and then to work in the democratic development field. The insider knowledge exhibited in the novel combines all of these experiences, from working under Henry Kissinger and later at the agency to the reshaping of the political world that began in the 1990s and continues today.

Already at work on the follow-up Alex Garfield adventures, Tillman Gilson resides in Washington, DC and frequents many of the DC hot spots featured in the novel. Tillman still constantly travels to gather more experiences for Alex’s literary adventures. Tillman has one grown daughter who now resides in New York City, and there are always dogs and cats floating about the house. A lifelong lover of horses, Tillman can often be found at the area steeplechases and races – usually with a Stolichnaya in hand.